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Rainbow Reusable Safety Razor

Rainbow Reusable Safety Razor

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A minimal alternative to disposable razors designed to gently glide over your skin for a close, smooth shave.

Inspired by tradition but tailored to modern needs.

Our unique razors are designed to be minimalist yet beautifully efficient. Totally plastic-free, they are kind to your skin and kind to the planet. No compromise.

With billions of plastic razors being discarded a year, our sleek and easy to use safety razors will last a lifetime saving you money and in turn reducing your plastic waste.

With its single blade, our safety razor glides on your skin and provides a close shave without the classic pull-and-tug irritations. Bye ingrown hairs!


No more disposable. Our handle is here to stay. It's one more step toward a zero-waste lifestyle.


If you are tired of buying over-priced razors and cartridges, you'll love to see how much you will save in the long run with our reusable shaver.

The current market offers are usually vintage-looking and chunky razors, which make them intimidating. In order to convince more people to take that step and stop throwing away plastic razors, we decided to tweak it and work on some key features to offer a more gentle shaving experience.
  • A single blade to provide an irritation and ingrown-free shave
  • A curved blade, with minimal exposure and sitting close to the razor head, to offer a low aggressiveness level - while still maintaining the efficiency.
  • A long handle: because we need to reach far for all our body parts.
  • A finely chiselled handle to give you a good grip while you shave in your shower.
  • A heavyweight and perfect balance so you only have to let it glide on your skin. Gravity will do the rest of the job. You can focus on relaxing.
  • A thinner, more elegant design.

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